Internet Information Systems Specialist

Mr. Mckee provides experience and technical knowledge as Internet Specialist for MCA,Inc/, an Internet Solutions Provider and developer of Internet business services, knowledge management and instructional services on the World Wide Web. He has introduced the use of PC/LAN computers and the Internet communications networks into numerous organizations and developed training programs and network applications for small businesses throughout his career. Mr. Mckee served as Vice-President of Engineering for Mikrotec Internet Services, Lexington, Ky., in the design and development of network topology, equipment configuration and World-wide Web applications for a state-wide, Internet Services Access network.

Mr. Mckee maintained the digital-video, satellite teleconferencing systems and provided design and development on satellite, wireless and CATV, computer information networks for Richardson & Associates, telecommunications group, Santa Barbara, CA and Fox Broadcasting, L.A., CA. He has served as a member of the technical staff at the Wenner-Gren Research Lab for Biomedical Engineering and the Department of Cardiology, School of Medicine, Univ. of Kentucky.

His computer experience includes several years as a member of the technical staff with ACC Network Systems, Santa Barbara, CA, involved in the design, manufacture, and installation of high-speed computer communication systems for the U.S. Government, ARPANET/Internet and other commercial networks. He has expert experience in implementing PC/LAN systems and client/server network configurations in both manufacturing and commercial companies. He specified, configured, and managed a successful high-speed, internet-over-cable network trial, joining TCI/Intermedia's Lexington, Kentucky, two-way broadband, cable system with the ISP, Mikrotec Internet Service's, internet, IP network.

Mr. McKee holds a Teaching Credential from the State of California in Computer and Electronics Technology for H.S./Vocational levels(K14).

Association Memberships:

Society for Applied Learning Technology -
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer - certificate program
Previous membership:
American Association for Artificial Intelligence(AAAI)
American Society for Quality Control(ASQC)
Quality Audit Division, Computer Information Systems Technical Committee

Project Experience and services: