Computer-network Collaborative Learning Environments Project - CCLEP

Presented for consideration:, Computer-Learning-Center

The development of this proposal was guided by a question-centered and collaboration-focused pedagogy. We recognize Clients will continue the CCLEP design process by innovating uses and suggesting revisions to functionality, learning needs and technology developments.

Attention to trends in the advance of the Internet and the World-Wide Web, led us to a project-enhanced approach to the computer-network, collaborative learning environment(CCLEP).

The duration of the CCLEP services project is estimated as, three to five hours weekly, by each project participant. The project would extend for three month intervals, with a written summary of accomplishments and proposed enhancements after each period. Continuation would be a mutual agreement between the Center staff and Client project participants, based upon available time and progress.

Client staff briefings and formative evaluations on the use and direction of the project would be available on a weekly basis. The project environment would be open and accessable to the Center staff and clients as it became operational. Existing computer resourses would be utilized, with minimal impact on ongoing uses and schedules.

All project materials and developments would have full and non-exclusive use by Clients. Clients would incur no financial obligations within this project, without regular administrative procedures for such decisions.

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